Thursday, October 01, 2009

You missed me. I know you did.

Alright. This would be the part where I would make up some outlandish story as to why I haven't been posting, like "I went for a walk in the woods behind our house to find some inspiration and fell into a hole that led me to another world where the people walked on the ceiling and talked backwards".
The truth is.........
Well, the truth is really boring, so here's what Im going to tell you happened......
So there I was, feeding my dogs bananas and attempting to con them into doing my housework for me.... Hey... it worked for Snow White! When all of a sudden there I was; standing at the top of a dangerously sloped mountain strapped to a piece of wood that had been lacquered to a finish that would guarantee a speedy demise. Gravity being what it is, it was only a matter of time before I was zipping downhill flailing my arms and shouting warnings to fellow adventurers. I was worried there for a moment when I thought I was going too fast, but luckily there was a tree that helped me come to a crashing halt. Whew. Just as I was about to reach the safety of level surfaces I was instantly transported home again, but it was all different. Everything was in boxes and I was alone. I would recount to you the mental and emotional turmoil that was our first home purchase, but I'd rather not spread that kind of crazy around... it's highly contagious. Next thing you know Im spending my days at the Home Improvement Store buying parts for toilets so my kids dont have to swim down for breakfast in the mornings.
Then, of course, the Snow Globe that is my life gets shaken up for fun. Imagine, if you will, a warm summer day. Now, add to that summer day a few flames. Well, no, lets add more than a few, lets add a whole Truck full!! Let's put those flames right in the driver seat and see where it takes us, shall we? Oh, yeah, it takes us to Utah.
Now, imagine I spare you the crazy and we are transported home just in time to send the soldier off to war. That's where my story takes me. And that is where I leave you. Careful, dont touch anything. I'll be back soon to show you around.