Monday, October 19, 2009

You Didn't Touch Anything, Did You?

Alright, where did I leave you? Ah. That's right. You were standing around waiting for a tour. Ok, well, let me show you around.
If you look to your left you will see the recently acquired cold that has claimed at least one member of this household. Its a stealthy little bugger who sneaks up on you in broad daylight. It's like a wave that you know is coming behind you as you stand in the shallows. You dont dare turn around to see how close it's getting cause you know it'll be right there to smack you in the face and fill your nose with salt water, but because you dont look to see how close it is, it still knocks you around a bit when it smashes into you from behind. Im sure the daughter wont be the only victim.
But if you'll just step over the piles of shoes and scattering of umbrellas and look to the right you will see the Sick Goose that said daughter is nursing back to health right next to the 88 new friends the boy has made.
Next, beyond the packing tape and customs forms you'll notice that I have put up some Halloween decorations. Good Job Me. Aside from the usual orange and purple lights and various hanging items designed to induce fear into the most stout of hearts I added a flat witch to the door... you know the one... she looks like she tried to trick her way to the treats and got a door slammed in her face. I've always wanted one of those. Now I have one. Again, Good Job Me.
I'd show you more, but its all just the usual. Piles of laundry that I justified my way out of folding, perpetual dishes that always need doing, beds that are never made, sewing that may or may not get done, and Netflix videos that will eventually get watched.
That brings you up to speed. If you want to stick around to see the adventure unfold as it actually happens you are welcome to, but be warned...... its not always pretty, and mostly filled with snarky remarks and sarcasm. It's the only foreign language I speak and you know what they say... Use it or lose it! Gotta keep my skills sharp! Remember, if you stay, try not to touch anything, I just got my snow globe back to where I want it.