Thursday, December 04, 2008

Who Knew?

Not the song... the question.
I came home from my errands today and realized that I had missed lunch. I decided it was too late to eat a full meal, because I tend to only cook dinner for my family if I am motivated to eat something too, but my meager helping of peanut butter toast didn't seem up to the task of getting me through till dinner. I opted for a snack. The bananas I just purchased at the grocery store looked mighty tempting so that's what I picked.
I know dogs have good hearing and all, but this is just silly. Both Cookie (our 7 year old Black Lab) and Razzle (our recently acquired 5 month old German Shepherd) came tearing down the hall at the sound of my banana being peeled. They sat at my feet expectantly. I wondered if dogs even liked bananas, but then I remembered that Cookie will eat pine cones and Razzle spends most of our walks eating leaves, so I thought I would try out something with a little more nutritional value. Turns out that not only do they like bananas, but they wag their tails while they wait for the next morsel. They did a pretty good job clearing that space on the floor where they sat and I briefly considered luring them all through the kitchen with the banana so they could sweep up for me!
I double checked before I gave them more and it seems to be alright if I give them a bit of that yellowie goodness every now and then as a treat so long as I use it in moderation. I don't think that will be a problem, since it's MY banana to start with and I am hungry too! By this time, Cheeto (our 4 year old Orange Tabby) came over to see what we were leaving him out of. I didn't hold out much hope, but offered him a smidgen. Naturally he turned his nose up, but he seemed to approve that I had moved on from cold medicine to fruit.
So, what did we learn today?
The cat doesn't want anything from anybody.
The dogs like Bananas, but don't want to sweep the entire kitchen floor.
And I need slightly more nutrition than a half a banana to get me from breakfast to dinner.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Learned Something New......

So, I got this email. It was from my sister. I love emails from my sister. She sends the best stuff. Today she sent me an email and it was titled 'Page 56'.
So I open the email and there's nothing there. Not even one of the promised 56. (for those of you who already know what's going on here, bear with me.... I'll get there) I was perplexed. I wondered out loud (and in a reply to all) what could be on Page 56. Then I think that maybe it is some entity unto itself like Area 51 or Heinz 57. I ask my brainiac of a husband if he knows what it is and he replies "Not a clue". I am shocked that he doesn't know what it is, and saddened by my lack of knowlege in this subject matter.
About this time the cat saunters over (yes, he really did saunter.... it's charming, but you should see his mosey) and asks me to feed him.... at least that's what I THINK he is asking.... I dont actually speak Hungarian.
So, I tell him I will race him up the stairs and take them two at a time. Of course he beat me to the top and is sitting there like he has been waiting HOURS for me. "Show Off" I mutter. I feed him and he looks at it briefly before turning his orange eyes on me with that "Leftovers, AGAIN?" look on his face. I shrug my shoulders and walk out of the room.
That's when my all-the-knowlege-of-the-world-at-his-fingertips husband announces that he knows what this whole 'Page 56' thing is about. I am instantly curious (shocker, I know) He explains to me that 'Page 56' is an internet meme.
I dont know what a meme is, and that is clearly written on my face, so my husband sighs with the patience one might show to a small child and explains what a meme is. He tells me that we JUST had this conversation when I found the Gummy Bear Song. Meme (pronounced Meem and NOT May May or Maime) is "any idea or behavior that can pass from one person to another by learning or imitation. Memes propagate themselves and can move through the cultural sociosphere in a manner similar to the contagious behavior of a virus."
That last part is my favorite. "Contagious behavior of a virus". I like it. It's catchy. Like a virus!!!
Alright, I'll stop.....
So, back to THIS particular 'Internet Meme'....... Apparently when you get this 'Page 56' you are supposed to grab the closest book and open it to page 56 and write down line 5 of said book as your Facebook Status (or blog about it from what I am told). I think it's a very fun idea, but why exactly is it line 5? Why not line 7? Why not the 56th word? My husband tells me he didnt make the rules, and I am slightly irked.
As the closest book to me happens to be a cupon book and does not even HAVE 56 pages, you will have to wait. I will come down the stairs in the morning and grab the first book I reach for on the shelf on the way to the computer and you will get Page 56, Line 5 (or the 56th word... I havent' decided.... Oooooh.... what if the 56th word is ON the 5th line??? Creepy....)
Right.... so, until tomorrow!

Internet Meme Page 56 Line 5, As Promised

inch, then halted and wobbled in his grip. "Give me a hand here!"

So there you have it. There's the contents of the 5th line of the 56th page in the first book I laid eyes on this morning. Granted it was through sleep fogged eyes, but there you have it.
The book is Brisingr. It was supposed to be the last in the Inheritance Trilogy, but as the acknowledgments at the end will tell us, it was just too much to squeeze into one last book. Thus the Trilogy becomes the Series. *Sigh. I guess I will have to wait to see how this one ends too.
Sure my line isn't something random from a Shel Silverstein book, or something clever from a useless fact book, or even something unique (like my sisters) that came from the script she had in hand because she was at rehersals, but what I lack in distinctivness I make up for in...... well, I dont really. There's no excuse. I have failed to make this work to my advantage. The only thing I can say is that the 56th word actually DID find it's way into the 5th line. It's 'And'. So that's something.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Friends Are The Rest Stops On The Highway Of Life

That's right. Friends are the Rest Stops on the Highway of Life. Sometimes they are few are far between and it never fails that when you decide to wait for the next one you have a sudden need for the one that just passed.
I like to drive the speed limit on my highway of life and stop at all of the attractions that are advertised on the roadside. Occasionally I have detours and I can always count on road work to slow me down and make the trip frustrating for a while, but I try not to pass up the rest stops if I can help it. I think I am on the scenic route of my highway at the moment. Its very pretty, but as I have not traveled this road before I can't be sure where the rest stops are and what lies ahead. So far my rest stops have been the kind you find in Texas. There are a couple of covered tables and some garbage cans, but no restrooms. Good to stop and stretch the ol appendages, but not quite what I need. (for those NOT following the analogy.... these are the friends I have left behind. They are still there for me if I call them, but there isn't much they can do if I want them to come and share cake scraps with me)
I am happy to report, though, that I found a rest stop that has all the amenities! I have a standing appointment on Mondays. We get together and we chat, and gripe, and laugh, and joke, and listen. Recently I opted to skip one of our get togethers. I didnt like it, but it was necessary. I see it as one of those moments on the highway where you see a note under the Rest Stop sign that tells you that the next one is 32 miles away. I thought that I would be able to make it to the next one, but like it always is, I spent the next 32 miles wishing I had stopped. We joked all week about how I am her therapy and it threw her for a loop to not have that girl time, but in reality she is MY therapy too. I didnt realize how much I had come to rely on that rest stop until I had passed it up.
Consider my lesson learned. When life offers you shade, vending machines and (hopefully) well maintained lavatories do NOT pass it up.

A Word Of Warning.......

I have been hearing warnings my whole life. Not a day goes by when I dont hear some cautionary statement. When I was younger they were things like 'dont touch that..... it's hot' and 'look both ways before crossing the road'. All very helpful. They made sense. They still do.
As I got older and progressed into teenage/young adult-hood the warnings didnt stop, in fact, they became more pronounced. It seemed as if new warnings were revealed every day. I was then seeing things like 'dont use in the shower' on my hair dryer and 'Do not iron clothes on body'. Most of the warnings seemed fairly logical, like 'May irritate eyes' on a can of Pepper Spray. I could see where it made sense not to do those things. I remember at about that time I became aware of a whole new genre of comedic jokes cropping up because of them. I also remember that it seemed to stem from a lawsuit against a fast food chain.
As I moved on to Adult/Mother-hood I started seeing warnings that I never thought I would see. On the umbrella stroller we purchased I was urged to remove my child BEFORE folding for storage. I was also made aware that the Superman costume I got for my son DID NOT enable him to fly. Sure, I was a little disappointed by that one, but I suppose I had to see it coming.
Most recently I was packing lunch for my kids and I noticed a label on the box of fruit snacks I had selected. It said "Keep Kids Safe! To avoid choking, give fruit flavored snacks only to those children who can easily swallow chewy foods." That seemed a little obvious, but understanding that companies would rather state the obvious than be slapped with a law suit justifies the blatancy. It was the last sentence on the tiny square of warning that really caught my attention though. It seemed to go beyond the obligatory 'use your brain people' and reach into the 'hey, and while we're at it, here's some advice' category. It said, "Children should be seated and supervised while eating"
Naturally I mentally recounted all of the moments where my children were not seated while eating (I couldn't recall any time when they were not supervised, as I was not there supervising) and thought about sending myself into a spiral of guilt for letting my children wander about while eating. Then I saw my daughter rush through the kitchen with a pop tart in her mouth looking for her other sock, followed by my husband zipping past me with a bagel in hand announcing that he was late before hastening out the door. I mentally made a note to share with them the bit of advice I had gleaned from Betty Crocker so that next time they zip around with food in their mouths I can say "Don't come crying to me when you choke on your food because you were neither seated nor supervised!"
I think I might take up the practice by adding my own advice to warnings the I see from now on, kind of like how my husband tacks his own saying to the end of fortunes from cookies. So, next time I see the warning 'May cause drowsiness' I might say something like 'Sleeping should be performed in a dark, quiet space'.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

You'll Never Think Of Them The Same Way Again.......

Music is a big part of my life. Not as big as making room for movie lines to quote randomly as they apply to everyday conversation or clearing out some of the periodic table I memorized in high school to make room for some useless bit of trivia, like knowing that an octopus can lay about a thousand eggs at one time and that they are deaf, but still a big part.
Occasionally we have an evening where someone in the family says "Have you heard this song yet?" and thus we replace the planned watching of a taped show (Like Heroes) with the hunt for music. Tonight was one of those nights. It started when I sat at my computer to check my email and maybe peruse the Flair on Facebook. My daughter came up to me and asked me to look for a video on You Tube that her music teacher had shown them. (???? Music teachers show kids You Tube videos ????) So I ask her what it was called and began the search, wary of what I would find.....
It's called the Gummy Bear Song. Here, you can watch it if you like......
Go ahead... I'll wait...............
What'd you think? Yeah. Me too. The polka dotted underwear was a nice touch. I now have the song stuck in my head, and I am quite certain that I will sing it in my head (if not out loud) every time I see Gummy Bears. I am planning to go to the movies on the 21st, and I know I will get a box and sing the song to myself while I wait for the previews.
I decided to do a little research on the song (mostly to find the lyrics, because if I have to have it in my head, I might as well know what I am supposed to be singing!) and I found out that it is actually a novelty dance song by German composer Christian Schneider called 'I Am Your Gummy Bear'. It has been translated into 7 different languages, spawned a line of clothing, and even became the number 1 ring tone for 8 months in its native Hungarian language. Impressive, I know.
Like most people with short attention spans, even You Tube could not hold me for long. We got through about 4 more songs and then several Lego Reenacted clips from Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail before we called it quits.
And so it is that I retire to bed this evening with my head full of Movin', Groovin', Jammin', Singin' Gummy Bears and a very strange craving for something sweet and chewy.... huh.....

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

So, here I sit. I opted to let my husband take the kids door to door this year in their endeavor to sucker people out of their candy. I am pretty sure they pulled the same racket last year, but I have no proof (Jeromy had our camera overseas, and I didn't have a camera phone then). Anywho, I thought that while I sat here waiting to dole out gumball after gumball, that I would write down who came to visit me this year. I was quite surprised. I didn't know there were so many famous people in our neighborhood!
First to visit me was Optimus Prime. He's shorter in real life than I figured he would be. Indiana Jones made his way up my sidewalk next, brandishing his whip. He had to trade it for his candy bag, which his mom carried for him, so he could claim his treasure. I think Mom should have been dressed as a boulder if she was going to walk behind him.... that would have been funny. The Burger King escorted several pirates to my door. His head really is that big. Austin Powers has a pet frog that he has taught to say 'Trick or Treat'. I had to ask the next one to be sure, she was a Power Ranger..... is that show still on?
There is a lull here. I guess I will take a moment to say that the weather has been unusually cooperative. It had been raining ALL day. I kid you not. It was raining when I got up, when I took the kids to school, when I went to the store, when I had lunch with my daughter, when we came home from school and even when I announced that it was left over night. Then all of a sudden the rain stopped and the clouds broke apart and it's been that way since. It's cold..... but it isn't raining. I figured since it was Washington it would be natural for kids to Trick or Treat with umbrellas and coats, but I guess this year it wasn't to be.
So, The Grimm Reaper just stopped by with his friends. Tobey Keith was dressed as a blond woman and is apparently dating the Wolf Man. Best of luck to them. Oh, Look.... Buzz Light Year is holding hands with Snow White! Sweet!
Awesome.... an assassin just stopped by followed by a girl holding her brain announcing that it was "nutritious and delicious"..... oh, wait... those are mine! I guess they are done, and by the look of those bags I should probably go dig through their stash to make sure it's 'Safe' *Wink Wink* Perhaps some quality control measures might have to be implemented. I would willingly sacrifice myself to taste test any suspicious chocolaty substances.
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Smells Like A Winner

On a recent trip to Burger King I read something interesting. On the bag containing my Burger and Fries was a statement titled "Smells Like A Winner" It went something like this:
"You always hear sports announcers talk about the 'Sweet Smell Of Success'. But none of them ever really explains what that smells like. We'd like to propose it's the scent wafting from this very bag. Of course, we could be wrong. But we don't think so."
To you, Burger King, I would like to say..... "I respectfully Disagree". The sweet smell of success actually smells nothing like Flame Broiled Burgers and Crispy Fries. It smells more like 10 foot tall stalks of corn, with a hint of muddy earthiness.
We went to Kent to get some pumpkins for the kids to carve..... side note..... don't let your 10 year old daughter, 8 year old son and their equally aged friends be in charge of hunting for the pumpkins. Trudging out to the edges of the pumpkin patch is not for the faint of heart, and all they provide you with to haul the heaviest pumpkins they have is a cart with no sides. It takes "Off Roading" to a whole new level.
The Pumpkin Patch not only offers monstrously heavy pumpkins for your creative carving pleasure, but it also offers fresh made Kettle Corn and Corn still on the Cob Roasted and Slathered in enough butter to make you question if it still qualifies as a vegetable according to the Food Guide Pyramid.
Here's the best part.... They also have a corn maze! Yes, that's right! They will be more than happy to let you pay 7 dollars per adult, and 5 dollars per child to go GET LOST! After handing over the proper amount of Washington's we were each given a map and a skeptical look. Perhaps I don't look like the type of person who could successfully brave a field full of corn in the shape of a space ship and it's alien without getting myself lost or injured. I pay no mind to the murmured concerns of the staff and head to the entrance of the Maze with my family. Perhaps the staff had some validation to their concerns. You see, while I may have an uncanny sense of time, my sense of direction is actually pretty pathetic. But what they didn't know, was that I had a secret weapon! My husband, who has no sense of time AT ALL, is blessed with 'an innate sense of direction'. He could have found his way to every point in the maze without ever looking at the map. He's just that cool.
So, with my own version of GPS at my side I stepped confidently into the maze. What I forgot to take into account was the enthusiasm of the children. The minute they stepped foot in the maze they scattered like gumballs on the kitchen floor! As I attempted to get them to come back I looked to my husband for some help. He didn't seem bothered. And then I realised why. Apparently, unless you are him, you will run around in circles in the maze. Sure enough, within seconds of their disbursement all of the children were back in front of us wondering how we got there before them.
My husband quickly gained control of the situation pairing us all up and promising that if we just followed him, we would reach every check point in the maze in no time. I was to play the part of Caboose for the duration, as I seemed most likely to make sure that no one got left behind. I was also given a map to follow..... like it would somehow help. My husband actually snorted at the idea of using the map to guide us, but agreed, just to make me feel better.
So, with the song "following the leader" from Peter Pan playing in full swing in my mind we set off trailing behind my husband. Just when I was beginning to think I had definitely seen that stalk of corn somewhere before, my husband triumphantly announced that we had found the first marker. We all stamped our cards and looked toward our fearless leader for the next move.
It continued on in much the same way for each of the 12 checkpoints with my admiration for my husband and his phenomenal navigational skills growing at each one. We exited the maze a mere 40 minutes after first entering. My husband looked a little smug, but I suppose in the end he deserved it. Because of him we were able to experience the "Sweet Smell Of Success" for ourselves. Which made me crave one of those roasted corn cobs.......

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Laugh And The World Laughs With You.......

Last night I had an experience that ranks in the top 5 of most painful experiences of my life. Up until then the list included things like, 3rd degree burns and subsequent physical therapy, Pitocin, and the occasional awkward date in college. Admittedly, the last one doesn't count as actual physical pain, but if you had been there, you would understand that it qualifies. It wasn't a long list. Pain isn't something I am used to dealing with. For good reason too, it Whomps! But I added something to my list this morning. Headaches. Now, don't misunderstand me. I have had headaches before, but I usually don't medicate myself for them because they are merely a nuisance and nothing more. Besides, I don't medicate myself as a general rule anyway because of the ease to which I fall victim to its side effects (read Misery Loves Company below for more on that). Last night we were going to go to a friends house to hang out and have some tasty snacks, but about 2 minuets before I was going to leave I experienced something that can only be likened to the phrase 'being hit by a truck'. I have never been hit by a truck, but I imagine that is what it feels like.
I understand that until now, I have severely underestimated the durability of the human skull. It is sturdier than I thought it capable to be. As I lay on the floor of our bathroom unable to form a coherent sentence, I became consumed by the pain in my head. I bleakly thought that this must be what a bottle of soda feels like when it gets shaken, and vowed to never shake soda again. I kept waiting for my cranium to succumb to the pressure and allow what gray matter I have left to decorate the walls and ceiling, but for some strange reason, it held together. However creepy it may seem, I can totally relate to the concept of physicians of old who would drill a hole in the skull to relieve pressure.
I did manage to get to bed at some point, but not before finding some medicine that was guaranteed to keep someone the size of Paul Bunyan from feeling any pain. I think I fell asleep. I must have. I remember waking up and stretching in bed, an act that should have caused my head to explode, without so much as a tingle. I was very cautious as I got out of bed and fed the dogs. I didn't move too quickly and even wondered if this is how hangovers feel. The pain returned after a while, but it has so far contented itself with being a background nuisance.
Now, I don't normally condone laughing at other peoples pain. But I thought, that by writing this out I can somehow manage to find the humor in it all and perhaps laugh at the pain myself. If not, well, at the very least I can hide in a dark corner and hope that it doesn't happen again.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snow Globes

My life is like a Snow Globe.
Most of the time, it sits there. Perfectly in order. Everything in place. Everything calm.
And then the two year old of life comes along and shakes things up.
This sweet, curious child comes in many forms. Once it was the birth of a new child. Another time it was the induction into the military. Not too long ago, it reared it's head in the form of another move. And recently it showed up looking just like my husband.
Every time my snow globe gets shaken I hold my breath and wait. I wait for things to settle and get back to the serene way it all used to be. Occasionally I think that maybe the shaking will never end and fear that my snow globe will drop and shatter, leaving me with a mess of glass, water and Styrofoam bits to clean up.
My husband seems to think that its healthy for our snow globes to be shaken once in a while. Easy for him to say.... he's usually the one shaking my snow globe. And if he's not shaking my snow globe, he's rearranging the scenery. His Feng Shui and mine are rarely, if ever on the same page, so it's a little frustrating when he does that. My children are very much like the snow in my globe. They stir themselves up into a frenzied blizzard at the first sign of change and enjoy the ride, while I cower in my safe little corner waiting for it to all fall back into place once again.
Eventually, things settle down, and when I take stock, I see that things are nearly the way I left them. I am almost there now. The sweet cadences of routine are starting to take hold and I can relax a little.
I can see the two year old of life waiting in the wings, though. It's wide angelic eyes are eager to see what will happen next.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Misery Loves Company, Even If It's Just The Cat

Ugh. Who knew that sound could cover so much? I use it all the time. Sometimes I use it when I see the laundry that mysteriously appeared after spending a whole day washing clothes. I use it when I have to clean up after the dogs. I use it when I have to squish a bug and it turns out to be a really juicy one. I even use the sound when my children start arguing with each other about something trivial, like who got up earliest.
Last night I made the 'Ugh' sound when I finally succumbed to the evil virus that has taken up residence in my chest. I had been doing so well, too. Aside from my loss of control over my vocal cords and the 30 pound weight that had strapped itself to my chest, I was doing pretty good. I was still getting on with my day and functioning just fine. Then, I was buried in the rock slide that was to be my next two days. I gave up on the simple things, like walking in a straight line and brushing my teeth. I'm lucky to have the energy to place my face next to my toothbrush and will it to move back and forth. As if I wasn't tortured enough, I gave in and went on the hunt for some Night Time, Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching, Stuffy Head, Fever, So You Can Rest Medicine. I make it a point to avoid medicines as a general rule, as I seem to have an exceptionally low tolerance to it's side effects like drowsiness, because I like to be conscious. But in my current state, I thought that perhaps a little stint in a coma might do me some good. After a short search I found some unpleasant looking, green, Cure All My Ails, liquid and poured out the proper dosage for a victim of my age. How come childrens medicines can come in flavors that smell like cotton candy and bubble gum, but mine has to smell like Pollyjuice Potion? After taking one whiff of the goo that promised to make me forget about my misery I made the "Ugh" sound while wrinkling my nose, closing an eye, and pulling my face away as quickly as possible. In that time, our cat, Cheeto, had sauntered over and sprawled himself out across the bathroom counter trying to seem uninterested. I wondered briefly how he might react to the medicine I kept at a safe didtance from my nose. So, I cautiously lowered the cup toward him, where as old wives tales will confirm, his curiosity got the better of him. He leaned closer to sniff at this new offering, only to have an identical reaction to it as mine. I didnt know cats could make a face like that. If he were physcially able to make the 'Ugh' sound, I am certian he would have. It didnt make me feel any better having to choke it down, but it did make me laugh, and as they say... Laughter is the best medicine. Probably because it doesnt leave an after taste.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Revenge is a dish best served..... Well.....

First, let me give you a little back ground into where this is headed. Several years ago, when Green Day's 'Wake me up when September ends' was super popular and played constantly on the radio I had a brilliant idea. It was sneaky and a little bit rude, but really really funny. At the time I had a cell phone with a nifty feature that I miss most dearly since switching to a new phone. I was able to set a time for text messages to be delivered. I would sit down in the morning and clack out several text messages at once and set them to send throughout the day. Then, one particular morning I had a flash of inspiration (which is SOOOO much better than the flashes of perspiration I get now!). I was texting away when Green Day came on the radio and I thought to myself "Self.... How funny would that be?" To which I replied "HILARIOUS!"
So I got to work. I set up a text to my husband that he would receive at 12:01 am on October 1st and it would read "Wake Up! September's Over!"
Genius, right? I know.
I giggled to myself all day about it and then quickly forgot. I can keep secrets, but when they make me giggle its so much harder. Then, several weeks later, in the middle of the night, My husbands phone went off waking us up. "Who the heck would be texting you at 12 o'clock?" I wonder to myself. Then I hear a groan and a muffled "You're a Dork" before I remember that it would be ME! As the realization sinks in I giggle to myself one more time before going back to sleep. Naturally, it becomes a topic of discussion for several days and he tells his friends about it, but then it moves into the past with all of the other moments we shared like this one.
Until last night.
There I was minding my own business, dreaming of psycho, purple fringed, talking toothpicks, when my phone starts shaking like it's Pompeii on Volcano Day. 'Who on EARTH would be calling at 1 in the morning?!?!' I wonder to myself. I try to focus on the screen display, but the feeble light it emits during the day seems to have magnified 100 fold and is now the equivalent of pure star light. I manage to see the number when I turn the phone away from me to keep from blinding myself. I answer thinking something must be amiss, for surely he wouldn't call at this hour unless it was something important. Turns out 'Important' is a relative term.....
I answer the phone not bothering to disguise the sleep still wrapped around my sluggish brain. And once my husband ascertains that I am coherent he says to me "Hey.... You awake?" I tell him that I think I am in a conscious state and he tells me "September is over" and then proceeds to giggle to himself, clearly pleased that he was successful.
As my mind wraps around this new bit of revelation and the panic fades, because clearly there is nothing wrong with him.... yet....., I repeat his earlier statement replacing Dork with Spaz. He tells me he has been waiting 4 years to do that to me. I wonder if it was so I would have forgotten about it and it would come as a surprise, but he tells me that it was actually because he was waiting to be out of the country so I couldn't pummel him for it. How very wise. I can only imagine the planning... having to calculate the time difference so he wouldn't be off by a day, and then succumbing to silent fits of giggles throughout the day in anticipation. In the end all I managed in retort was that September ended a hour previous and that I would spend the next several days planning a retaliatory attack... He laughs, which is actually nice to hear, even if it is 1 in the morning, and tells me to try and get back to sleep.
So, Revenge..... It is said that it is a dish best served cold, but I say, if you are going to recycle it like he did, then it qualifies as left overs and it's best served heated through and during the daylight hours.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Am I the Tourist? Or the Local?

I have lived in 5 different states in my life. Some of them several times now. Like most states there is always some Something-or-Other that the state has to offer as an attraction that most tourists go there just to see or do. I tell myself every time I move somewhere new that I will do this or that or such and such while I am there, because that's what people do when they visit that place. Then I spend the next three years putting it off because I live there and will do it next weekend. I missed my chance to go to Tombstone or to see "The Thing" for those very reasons. But not this time! No Sir! This time I will do what every tourist goes to Washington to do!
I have already sampled the pleasures of the coast. You can drive right up to the water front here and park. Can anyone imagine a more perfect day at the beach? You load up a picnic, drive out to the beach, park 10 feet from the water, and let the family out to enjoy the day ahead of them. Then after ten minutes or so of splashing around in the frigid waters of Central Washington's finest ocean front, everyone piles back into the car to turn on the heater. On the plus side, there's no sand in your lunch, but on the down side, you don't get those rascally seagulls trying to sneak up and steal your food from you when you aren't looking. Did I mention the wind? No? Well, it was windy to boot! Definitely going to get the kites out and dust them off for the next trip.
I have also partaken in the ritual of paying to ride an elevator to the top of a building to look down at where I just came from. That's right. I went to the Space Needle. I still can't figure out why I would pay to get to the top of a building just to look down, but I did the same thing in New York. And I am likely to do it again in my lifetime. The Space Needle was cool, but it doesn't have what the empire state building has. In the historical photos, it absolutely Towers over everything. Now.... Not so much. Good thing it sits out so close to the harbor or it would be lost in the City Skyline. Still. I can say I went there. And I have the Space Noodles to prove it.
I went to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. It's nice. No Giraffes, but I like it anyway. It's a great way to spend an afternoon. It's not too big, and it has pressed penny machines. You can't go wrong with pressed penny machines.
Point Defiance also has a Train Museum with a real train ride. And it's not some dinky kid train either. It's a real locomotive. The whole place used to be a logging camp that has been turned into a working museum. It's a work in progress and my husband (an avid hobby train enthusiast at the moment) was told that any time he wanted to work on a full scale train he was welcome to dabble in the arts. It was like riding with a kid at Christmas on the Polar Express.
Mt Rainier is my favorite thing so far, though. It's massive. I see it every time I go to the store (unless the clouds are covering it, but it's not as often as you might think). I still get excited when I see it. It has some beautiful scenery on the trails. I am still trying to wrap my brain around being able to hike and play in the snow in July.
Admittedly, I have only done those things because someone was here with us. Too bad we didn't think of that sooner. Maybe next time we move we will invite a friend to come stay with us so we can take them to see the sights and then we will get to see them too!
There is a really cool place in Seattle that I want to go to called the Underground. Apparently the city built over itself after some major fire and they have unearthed a portion of it and give tours to those willing to part with their Benjamins to see what the 'old days' were like. I will let you know in three years if we ever got around to seeing it before we move again.
So, I guess for now, I am the Tourist.