Monday, October 26, 2009


Those of you that know me should know by now that I make pretty decent cakes. I'd brag and boast, but I prefer to let my cakes do all the talking.
However, that being said, I would like to let this dark secret out of the closet........
I can't make cookies.
I said it.
It's true.
I recently attempted to make a batch or two to put in a care package, and the results were devastating to my ego. I have always known I cant make cookies, but I cant seem to keep from trying. They make those prefab refrigerated kinds for people with my condition, but where's the fun in making those?? Have you ever tried to eat the cookie dough from those? Blech.
While I can get a cake to rise and be just the right shape, all I ever get when I open the oven after sending perfectly good dough to its doom is a flat disk that can cause some serious harm in the hands of a proficient Cookie Ninja. I use them to fend off attackers and thieves. Im thinking I may have created a biodegradable anti theft device.... at least, I THINK it's biodegradable.........
My sister, though..... She makes really good cookies. She tried to help me, but it was a lot like training a sloth to dance the hula. Let THAT mental image sink in! Its disturbing, I know. But that's what it's like watching me mutilate batch after batch of cookie dough. It's pathetic. My ego took a beating it wont soon forget and my sister made several batches of picture perfect edible goodness to help ease the pain. I think I might need to make a cake in the near future to remind myself that Im still useful in the baked goods department next week, but I have plenty of clay pigeon substitutes to fill my time between now and then!
Target practice anyone?