Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

So, here I sit. I opted to let my husband take the kids door to door this year in their endeavor to sucker people out of their candy. I am pretty sure they pulled the same racket last year, but I have no proof (Jeromy had our camera overseas, and I didn't have a camera phone then). Anywho, I thought that while I sat here waiting to dole out gumball after gumball, that I would write down who came to visit me this year. I was quite surprised. I didn't know there were so many famous people in our neighborhood!
First to visit me was Optimus Prime. He's shorter in real life than I figured he would be. Indiana Jones made his way up my sidewalk next, brandishing his whip. He had to trade it for his candy bag, which his mom carried for him, so he could claim his treasure. I think Mom should have been dressed as a boulder if she was going to walk behind him.... that would have been funny. The Burger King escorted several pirates to my door. His head really is that big. Austin Powers has a pet frog that he has taught to say 'Trick or Treat'. I had to ask the next one to be sure, she was a Power Ranger..... is that show still on?
There is a lull here. I guess I will take a moment to say that the weather has been unusually cooperative. It had been raining ALL day. I kid you not. It was raining when I got up, when I took the kids to school, when I went to the store, when I had lunch with my daughter, when we came home from school and even when I announced that it was left over night. Then all of a sudden the rain stopped and the clouds broke apart and it's been that way since. It's cold..... but it isn't raining. I figured since it was Washington it would be natural for kids to Trick or Treat with umbrellas and coats, but I guess this year it wasn't to be.
So, The Grimm Reaper just stopped by with his friends. Tobey Keith was dressed as a blond woman and is apparently dating the Wolf Man. Best of luck to them. Oh, Look.... Buzz Light Year is holding hands with Snow White! Sweet!
Awesome.... an assassin just stopped by followed by a girl holding her brain announcing that it was "nutritious and delicious"..... oh, wait... those are mine! I guess they are done, and by the look of those bags I should probably go dig through their stash to make sure it's 'Safe' *Wink Wink* Perhaps some quality control measures might have to be implemented. I would willingly sacrifice myself to taste test any suspicious chocolaty substances.
Happy Halloween!


Rebekah said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time! Loved the pics on facebook! Too fun!!!
Happy Halloween (a day late)!

The Riehles

amberd. said...

You are hilarious! I'm loving your invisible woman comment on fb. Made me giggle to no end! You are inspiring me to blog again babe. I'm out of the blogging loop. *sigh*