Sunday, October 05, 2008

Misery Loves Company, Even If It's Just The Cat

Ugh. Who knew that sound could cover so much? I use it all the time. Sometimes I use it when I see the laundry that mysteriously appeared after spending a whole day washing clothes. I use it when I have to clean up after the dogs. I use it when I have to squish a bug and it turns out to be a really juicy one. I even use the sound when my children start arguing with each other about something trivial, like who got up earliest.
Last night I made the 'Ugh' sound when I finally succumbed to the evil virus that has taken up residence in my chest. I had been doing so well, too. Aside from my loss of control over my vocal cords and the 30 pound weight that had strapped itself to my chest, I was doing pretty good. I was still getting on with my day and functioning just fine. Then, I was buried in the rock slide that was to be my next two days. I gave up on the simple things, like walking in a straight line and brushing my teeth. I'm lucky to have the energy to place my face next to my toothbrush and will it to move back and forth. As if I wasn't tortured enough, I gave in and went on the hunt for some Night Time, Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching, Stuffy Head, Fever, So You Can Rest Medicine. I make it a point to avoid medicines as a general rule, as I seem to have an exceptionally low tolerance to it's side effects like drowsiness, because I like to be conscious. But in my current state, I thought that perhaps a little stint in a coma might do me some good. After a short search I found some unpleasant looking, green, Cure All My Ails, liquid and poured out the proper dosage for a victim of my age. How come childrens medicines can come in flavors that smell like cotton candy and bubble gum, but mine has to smell like Pollyjuice Potion? After taking one whiff of the goo that promised to make me forget about my misery I made the "Ugh" sound while wrinkling my nose, closing an eye, and pulling my face away as quickly as possible. In that time, our cat, Cheeto, had sauntered over and sprawled himself out across the bathroom counter trying to seem uninterested. I wondered briefly how he might react to the medicine I kept at a safe didtance from my nose. So, I cautiously lowered the cup toward him, where as old wives tales will confirm, his curiosity got the better of him. He leaned closer to sniff at this new offering, only to have an identical reaction to it as mine. I didnt know cats could make a face like that. If he were physcially able to make the 'Ugh' sound, I am certian he would have. It didnt make me feel any better having to choke it down, but it did make me laugh, and as they say... Laughter is the best medicine. Probably because it doesnt leave an after taste.

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Shammin Shane said...

You're hilarious. That story was even better in your blog than hearing it over the phone. And you're right, cats are pretty miserable company! :)