Friday, November 21, 2008

I Learned Something New......

So, I got this email. It was from my sister. I love emails from my sister. She sends the best stuff. Today she sent me an email and it was titled 'Page 56'.
So I open the email and there's nothing there. Not even one of the promised 56. (for those of you who already know what's going on here, bear with me.... I'll get there) I was perplexed. I wondered out loud (and in a reply to all) what could be on Page 56. Then I think that maybe it is some entity unto itself like Area 51 or Heinz 57. I ask my brainiac of a husband if he knows what it is and he replies "Not a clue". I am shocked that he doesn't know what it is, and saddened by my lack of knowlege in this subject matter.
About this time the cat saunters over (yes, he really did saunter.... it's charming, but you should see his mosey) and asks me to feed him.... at least that's what I THINK he is asking.... I dont actually speak Hungarian.
So, I tell him I will race him up the stairs and take them two at a time. Of course he beat me to the top and is sitting there like he has been waiting HOURS for me. "Show Off" I mutter. I feed him and he looks at it briefly before turning his orange eyes on me with that "Leftovers, AGAIN?" look on his face. I shrug my shoulders and walk out of the room.
That's when my all-the-knowlege-of-the-world-at-his-fingertips husband announces that he knows what this whole 'Page 56' thing is about. I am instantly curious (shocker, I know) He explains to me that 'Page 56' is an internet meme.
I dont know what a meme is, and that is clearly written on my face, so my husband sighs with the patience one might show to a small child and explains what a meme is. He tells me that we JUST had this conversation when I found the Gummy Bear Song. Meme (pronounced Meem and NOT May May or Maime) is "any idea or behavior that can pass from one person to another by learning or imitation. Memes propagate themselves and can move through the cultural sociosphere in a manner similar to the contagious behavior of a virus."
That last part is my favorite. "Contagious behavior of a virus". I like it. It's catchy. Like a virus!!!
Alright, I'll stop.....
So, back to THIS particular 'Internet Meme'....... Apparently when you get this 'Page 56' you are supposed to grab the closest book and open it to page 56 and write down line 5 of said book as your Facebook Status (or blog about it from what I am told). I think it's a very fun idea, but why exactly is it line 5? Why not line 7? Why not the 56th word? My husband tells me he didnt make the rules, and I am slightly irked.
As the closest book to me happens to be a cupon book and does not even HAVE 56 pages, you will have to wait. I will come down the stairs in the morning and grab the first book I reach for on the shelf on the way to the computer and you will get Page 56, Line 5 (or the 56th word... I havent' decided.... Oooooh.... what if the 56th word is ON the 5th line??? Creepy....)
Right.... so, until tomorrow!

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