Sunday, December 02, 2012

Early New Years Resolution

I figure I'll get a head start, since I won't likely keep up with it for long anyway!
My New Years Resolution is to commit one hour a week to this here blog. (as opposed to one week a year!)
That's right. Once a week, I will sit down and type up whatever happens to be on my mind at the time for one hour. No more, no less. If I have no thoughts, I'll just type whatever comes to my fingers until a thought forms! If my thought is longer than an hour, too bad. It might be funny, it might be serious, it more than likely will be boring, but it's more of an exercise of diligence and creativity than for entertainment. Though, I find myself HIGHLY entertained when watching someone exercise. Not in a creeper sort of way, though.
Anyway, That's the deal.
Also, this doesn't count. I'm going to start today. Sometime this week I will write for an hour. Not today, though. Right now I have a date with my kids watching Kung Fu Panda.

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