Thursday, December 04, 2008

Who Knew?

Not the song... the question.
I came home from my errands today and realized that I had missed lunch. I decided it was too late to eat a full meal, because I tend to only cook dinner for my family if I am motivated to eat something too, but my meager helping of peanut butter toast didn't seem up to the task of getting me through till dinner. I opted for a snack. The bananas I just purchased at the grocery store looked mighty tempting so that's what I picked.
I know dogs have good hearing and all, but this is just silly. Both Cookie (our 7 year old Black Lab) and Razzle (our recently acquired 5 month old German Shepherd) came tearing down the hall at the sound of my banana being peeled. They sat at my feet expectantly. I wondered if dogs even liked bananas, but then I remembered that Cookie will eat pine cones and Razzle spends most of our walks eating leaves, so I thought I would try out something with a little more nutritional value. Turns out that not only do they like bananas, but they wag their tails while they wait for the next morsel. They did a pretty good job clearing that space on the floor where they sat and I briefly considered luring them all through the kitchen with the banana so they could sweep up for me!
I double checked before I gave them more and it seems to be alright if I give them a bit of that yellowie goodness every now and then as a treat so long as I use it in moderation. I don't think that will be a problem, since it's MY banana to start with and I am hungry too! By this time, Cheeto (our 4 year old Orange Tabby) came over to see what we were leaving him out of. I didn't hold out much hope, but offered him a smidgen. Naturally he turned his nose up, but he seemed to approve that I had moved on from cold medicine to fruit.
So, what did we learn today?
The cat doesn't want anything from anybody.
The dogs like Bananas, but don't want to sweep the entire kitchen floor.
And I need slightly more nutrition than a half a banana to get me from breakfast to dinner.


amberd. said...

*giggle* That was funny. I think the cat was my favorite part. I have to force bananas down my throat. I hate them. But eat them when I run. I can't just take a bite though. I have to cut them into coins and eat them like chips. I think it's the texture really. It's too squishy. Slimy. Leaves a bad after taste.

Shammin Shane said...

You eat bananas while you run?'re doing it wrong! Also, you shouldn't eat coins. Do you realize how many germs there are on coins? It's really bad for you...

Pamcakes said...

I'm not sure how I feel about you teasing Amber using my blog Jeromy..... I may have to be all administrator on you and edit what you can and can not say.... I believe the term 'Word Rations' comes to mind.... :)