Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snow Globes

My life is like a Snow Globe.
Most of the time, it sits there. Perfectly in order. Everything in place. Everything calm.
And then the two year old of life comes along and shakes things up.
This sweet, curious child comes in many forms. Once it was the birth of a new child. Another time it was the induction into the military. Not too long ago, it reared it's head in the form of another move. And recently it showed up looking just like my husband.
Every time my snow globe gets shaken I hold my breath and wait. I wait for things to settle and get back to the serene way it all used to be. Occasionally I think that maybe the shaking will never end and fear that my snow globe will drop and shatter, leaving me with a mess of glass, water and Styrofoam bits to clean up.
My husband seems to think that its healthy for our snow globes to be shaken once in a while. Easy for him to say.... he's usually the one shaking my snow globe. And if he's not shaking my snow globe, he's rearranging the scenery. His Feng Shui and mine are rarely, if ever on the same page, so it's a little frustrating when he does that. My children are very much like the snow in my globe. They stir themselves up into a frenzied blizzard at the first sign of change and enjoy the ride, while I cower in my safe little corner waiting for it to all fall back into place once again.
Eventually, things settle down, and when I take stock, I see that things are nearly the way I left them. I am almost there now. The sweet cadences of routine are starting to take hold and I can relax a little.
I can see the two year old of life waiting in the wings, though. It's wide angelic eyes are eager to see what will happen next.

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amberd. said...

change is lame Pam. Glad to know your not that big of a fan either. If people shake my snow globes up....i get pissed!!!